Bizarro 10 Grams


4.56 out of 5

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Bizarro 10 Grams

Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Bizarro 10 Grams

  1. David (verified owner)

    Bizarro has a better aroma than most others I have tried. It also holds its own on the potency scale. I would say that it is more potent than Diablo but not quite as strong as Joker or Atomic. I would give it 4 stars but the sweet aroma gives it the extra star. I will be purchasing again!

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    Bizarro is one of my long time favorites. The potency was great but didn’t seem to last long. Fast shipping like always!

  3. jay (verified owner)

    Decent product, had a good aroma but didnt last as long as id hoped

  4. erica.matt2013 (verified owner)

    Must say I would order again but platinum silver is still my favorite!!!!

  5. yeszirxx (verified owner)

    Very nice and exciting aroma. I highly recommend this 10/10

  6. joelumhs (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member of the site for 2 years now and I must say that everything from the ordering process, to the products, to the customer service is beyond excellent. Only a couple of times did some product seem to be loose in the bag due to shipping and when I sent them an email just to notify them, their customer service rep reached out and made it right (with out even asking), thank you Jenna! This is one of the best products they have and it is consistently in stock. I would give 10 stars if I could, thank you for being consistently awesome!

    • Jay Mo

      thank you

  7. brockguidry036 (verified owner)

    Good product & great customer service. Five stars

  8. Michael Litton (verified owner)

    Bizarro is one of my top favorite incenses, 10/10 would recommend

  9. Justice Neal (verified owner)

    I remember this froooooom years ago and still just as I remeber.

  10. spiceoflife (verified owner)

    The version of this from 8 years ago was better, but it still works pretty well.

  11. GRun (verified owner)

    I’ll stick with joker.

  12. jnymac12 (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this. As always fast, reliable service and quality product. Herbal Biz is the best site available. Even when post office lost my package, they quickly sent a new one. Customer for life.

  13. drice24868 (verified owner)

    i love bizarro. ive ordered a few times now and have been happy with every purchase.. my plan is to start from the top and try every brand on the page.super fast shipping. Thanks!

  14. foxaustin77 (verified owner)

    just got my package today im really surprised loved this shit yo fr

  15. Clayton Gilbert (verified owner)

    Old Mojo smoker….. Legit strong….wish had better legs….but always

  16. myles (verified owner)

    Good aroma. Decently potent

  17. foxaustin77 (verified owner)

    loved it super strong proba would order again

  18. fallingstarkim (verified owner)

    I recently tried some different sites. Complete trash, waste of money. Or even worse, some kind of poison. Herbal Biz is always dependable, i know i will get great product and speedy delivery. I’m done shopping around…. love this blend and Herbal Biz…

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